SSB Training in Chandigarh/Mohali

It is a common misconception that SSBs do not prefer candidates who have undergone coaching. Many candidates think that with bookish and hear-say knowledge, they can clear the SSB without any help. While this may be true for some gifted candidates, it is still recommended that a candidate undergo proper coaching to prepare him/her for his/her upcoming SSB interview.

LEARN FROM THE EXPERTS: Having an unbeatable record of over 35000 selections, we can safely say that we are the experts and leaders in the field of SSB coaching since 1955. The unmatched faculty at The A Team Defence Academy consists of senior officers of the Army, Navy and Airforce. Please see out success stories and testimonial pages.

IDENTIFYING SHORTCOMINGS: During the training at The A Team Defence Academy a student is assessed on every aspect of the testing. Over the progression of the 10-day training at The A Team Defence Academy, a candidate is able to identify and pinpoint any shortcoming or problem areas that may hold him back.

OVERCOMING FEARS: More the 80% of the candidates who come to us suffer from one kind of fear or another like stage fright, public speaking, physical testing etc. At The A Team Defence Academy each candidate confronts his fears head on and overcomes it completely over the 10-day training.

A- Z OF SSB: A candidate learns what is expected of him from the moment he steps into the SSB centre. This knowledge not only mentally prepares the candidates but also highlights and prevents many trivial mistakes that a candidate may not have even known he/she was making.